Short Description (Company/ Institute): 

Company focused on environmental impact mitigations for aquaculture and fisheries development. 


Fields of activity, fields of research and development:

  • • Best management practices
    • Fish and shrimp nutrition
    • RAS evaluations and implementation
    • Vallue chain and market analysis
    • Economic feasibility assessment
    • Community market arrangements and empowerment of traditional communities

  • Main competences for international cooperation:
  • • Experiences in all brazilian aquaculture production areas
    • Diagnosis of brazilian aquaculture costs and practices
    • Experiences with fisheries in Amazon forest and with coastal traditional comunities
    • Knowlegde of the state of art of brazilian fishery, processing, aquaculture, feed factories industries
    • extensive network in the aquaculture and fisheries segments

  • Main fields of interest for international cooperation:
  • • New technologies
    • Macro and microalgae production and its products
    • New market arrengements
    • Courses and training opportunities
    • Seafood certification
    • Aquaculture and fisheries environmental mitigation cooperations
    • Traditional comunities empowerment cooperations

  • References / examples of most relevant products and services:
  • • Shrimp and fish RAS evaluation and implementation (Clients: Terra Santa, Lake’s fish and Tradibom).
    • Value chain analysis of wild pirarucu fishery in Amazon forest (Clients: Instituto Terroá, GIZ and USAID).
    • Consultancies to investors, feed factories and aquaculture companies (Clients: Biomin, Phileo, Aquafeed)
    • Fishery and aquaculture projects for traditional communities (ASPROC and Quilombo Itamambuca)
    • Project Management of “Campo Futuro” Aquaculture (analysis of production costs and price monitoring of different Brazilian aquaculture systems. (Client: Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil – CNA)